Since establishment in year 1988 PT ANEKA KOMKAR UTAMA (AKKU) commits to the quality of product to compete at national and international levels. This commitment is our mission to develop rubber component in the best quality by using Quality Management System of ISO 9001 : 2000 and ISO/TS16949.

Customer satisfaction is the main objective of AKKU. Customers get all services at one place become a great experience and unique comfort. AKKU production starting from design product and process, design and produce both molds and tools with own company facilities, make rubber compound with No Mistake Weighing System to finished products with the best quality.

This company profile will shown several components of Automotive both Four Wheelers and Two Wheelers and other industries such as Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and many more. With strong determination and motivation, we offer products and best services to achieve customers satisfaction and experience.


  • Dipl.Ing Ronald Richard Tanga ()