Production Facilities

AKKU orientation is customer satisfaction by guarantee the products in best quality.

Compounding Molding Finishing Laboratory Mold shop
Kneader 75 KG General Press 100T Deflasher Curelastomer CNC Milling
Mixing Mill 18' General Press 150T Sandblasting Tensile Streng CNC Lathe
Barwell General Press 200T Bonding Auto Ozone Chamber Lathe
Callender General Press 300T Punch Quick Scope EDM Machine
Rubber Slitting Injection 200T Metal Treatment Profile Projector Surface Grinding
Rubber Cutting Injection 250T Swaging Oil Heater Resist Milling
Injection 300T Oven Test Shaping
Vacum Press 100T Dynamic Testing Drill Press
Vacum Press 200T
Vacum Press 250T

PT Aneka Komkar Utama

Since 1988 PT Aneka Komkar Utama has the commitment the quality of a product to compete at national and international levels.

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