PT Aneka Komkar Utama

PT ANEKA KOMKAR UTAMA is the company who produces rubber components, previously AKKU had called PT Surya Citra Artamara engaged the products sandals and shoes. As company growth and increasing the market demands, then 16th November 1988 company was expanding to automotive part and renamed PT ANEKA KOMKAR UTAMA (AKKU).

AKKU officially established by Dipl. Ing. Ronald R. Tanga (). AKKU erected on area more than 5,000 square meters and supported by high-technology of machines and best expertise employees, certainly many famous customers or brands of assembler order their products to PT ANEKA KOMKAR UTAMA.


08 April 1987 - Established PT Surya Cipta Artamara

16 Nov 1988 - Changed to PT Aneka Komponen Karet Utama

30 Nov 1989 - Changed to PT Aneka Komkar Utama

1991 - Starting export to Tokai Rubber Industries

1993 - Starting export to Meritor, Singapore

1994 - Starting co-operation with Arai Rubber Seal

1996 - Award from PT Showa Indonesia for The Best Supplier of Delivery Periode Jan - Dec

1998 - Starting export to Germany and Australia

2000 - Start to study Rubber Parts for Oil industry

2001 - Certificate for ISO 9002 : 1994

2002 - Certificate for ISO 9001 : 2000

PT Aneka Komkar Utama

Since 1988 PT Aneka Komkar Utama has the commitment the quality of a product to compete at national and international levels.

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